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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the booking process take? What methods of payment accepted? Can I use more than one payment method to pay for a reservation? And more.

We Deal with Out of Home Advertising Rentals. We have a Wide Variety of Oferrings and we plan to increase the Offering by adding various Types and Locations. To mention a Few 

  • BillBoards
  • Mall Entrance Bill Boards
  • Street Lamp Posters
  • In Store Advertisement Posters
  • Posters and BillBoards inside Commercial establishments
  • Posters and BillBoards on Shop Windows and Shop Isles
  • Posters and Signages in Transport Stations like Airports, Bus Stops, Metro Stations
  • Advertising through Wrapping of the Commercial or Public Transportation Vehicles.
  • Any Other Place at Venues and Destinations where visibility can be offered for Advertisement Purposes.

On the Home Page in Desktop View, On the Top Right Corner we have a Button “Submit Property”. By Clicking this button you will be provided a Form to Fill the details of the Advertisement space you are willing to Rent out.

If you are not Registered, you will be asked to Register and Login Once you have filled the Basic Details (First Part of the Form). If you are Registered and Logged in you can continue to fill in the information as required and Proceed to the Complete the Form.

Once the Form is completely filled, the Advertising property will be visible to you in your user dashboard, and you can proceed to edit if any editing is required.

We do not Offer Printing or Installation Services for the BillBoard / Poster. You can get it Printed yourself for free or you may charge the customer. If you are charging the customer, the same has to be mentioned while you are filling in the details of the AdSpace to be rented.

You can also ask the customer to print, deliver and install the Advertisment by themselves if it suits you.

While listing the Advertising Space for rental we have provided you with an option to accept instant booking for the Property. If you would like to accept instant booking check the box for the same.

Please note that the Property which has instant booking enabled will not request your acceptance for the booking and it will straight away proceed to book the Property as per the dates selected by the customer.

We make Payment for the Advertisement space Booking in Two installments.

  1. 50% Payment for the Rented Advertisement Space booked by the customer will be sent out to you one day after the booking Start Date after the Proof of advertisement is provided to us.
  2. 50% on completion of the booking Period within 5 working Days. Which means we will send out the Balance Payment of 50% within 5 days after the Booking end date. Proof of advertisement on booking End Date has to be Sent out to us.

Payment in case of cancellation:

We do not allow last minute Cancellations and you will be paid as if the you have fulfilled your obligations as mentioned above. However, if there is cancellations as per our terms of service, we will be paying you what has been retained with us (amount not refunded to the customer) after deducting the our fees and charges from the same.

Payment is done via Bank Transfer / NEFT / RTGS and the records for the same will be made available to you.

You will have to Provide us the bank details as mentioned below

  1. Name of the Owner as per Bank Details
  2. Name of the Bank
  3. Address of the Bank
  4. Bank Account Number
  5. IFSC Code of the Bank

There are two Options for the Booking Process.

  1. Standard Booking Process – 2 to 24 Hours
  2. Instant Booking Process – Instant / Less than 10 Minutes

Standard Booking

In the Standard Booking Process, Once the client has sent in the request to book the Advertising Space to the Owner (you), the Owner has the right to Accept or Reject the Booking for whatever reasons he thinks are fit for that decision. You have 24 Hours to Accepe the Booking, after which the booking is automatically rejected.

If the Booking is Accepted, you will have to raise an invoice, through our system, to the client and the client will have to make the necessary payment towards to same.

IF the Payment is not received you can proceed to cancel the booking. If the Payment is not received within 24 hours, our system will automatically cancel the booking freeing up the advertisement space for someone else to book.

Instant Booking

If you have enabled instant booking, the client will automatically be sent to the payments page and the payment when received will confirm the booking.

In Instant booking you do not have the option to accept or reject the booking.

Once the Advertisement Space is Booked and the Payment is received. We reserve the Advertisement Space for you and Our Booking System also reflects the same preventing other users from Booking the Same advertisement Space again.

Cancellation of Booking is not possible. If the booking is cancelled by you, You will have to refund the Payment received by you and we will Proceed to refund the same to the client. Any cancellation by you has negative Rating.

Request for Cancellation and Refund after the start of booking date will not be entertained.

You can use the Owner Support Chat System link given below


You can call us directly on the below mentioned Contact Number/s

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