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Refund Return and Refund Policy


This Return and Refund Policy is part of Terms and Conditions Agreement of our website


Customer understands that Hyper Telematics on a reasonable ground like unavailability of products in stock or unexpected change in cost of product, may amend or cancel or reject the order even after receipt or acceptance or order. In case of such cancellation of order any money received shall be refunded within 21 (Twenty-one) days of cancellation/rejection after deducting administration expenses (if any).

If customer cancels the order once the order is placed and payment is received by Hyper Telematics, Hyper Telematics will not entertain any refund request except in the case of cancellation/Rejection of the order by Hyper Telematics.

Also, in case of defective products, if repair or replacement is unsuccessful, then Hyper Telematics, at its discretion, entertain and/or processrefund for the product/s or parttheirofas may be determined to be defective by Hyper Telematics. Hyper Telematics will refund amount received after deducting administration expenses (if any).


Since our products are prepared with specific requirements thus, our products are not eligible for return once the order is delivered except in case of wrong delivery, product recall or repair and replacement. Details for the same are given in clause 4, 5 and 6 of this return and refund policy.


Hyper Telematics sells high-quality products. The methods of transport, storage and packaging provides protection from mechanical and electrical damages. However, it is not possible for us to give guarantee for delivery of defect-free/damage-free products. Unless otherwise specifically included in the product description, Products comes with repair/ correction and replacement facility. If any product is shipped with obvious defects, then customer must inform us within 48 (Forty-eight) hours of delivery. If required by Hyper Telematics, customer shall send back the product to the address of service center as provided by Hyper Telematics. Decision of repair or replacement will be made by Hyper Telematics and/or Manufacturer or its Authorised Representative after technical testing (if required). If such repair or replacement is unsuccessful then only refund may be demanded for such part as may be determined to be defective. The amount of refund will be as per the Clause number 2 (Refund) in this policy. Hyper Telematics may conduct inspection for detecting reason for damage of product. If it isfound that the damage is due to customer’s negligence or product is damaged during/ after shipment, Hyper Telematics and/or manufacturer may decline to provide warrantee or replacement or refund service and will charge any administration cost incurred for the inspection. Liability under product liability law is also unaffected by this provision.


In case of delivery of product other than that was ordered or if something is missing from your order, customer shall inform Hyper Telematics immediately on receipt of the product. Hyper Telematics shall send the right product as ordered on receipt of wrongly delivered product. Charges for the delivery of product back to the Hyper Telematics, on address provided by Hyper Telematics will be borne by Hyper Telematics.


In case of wrong delivery or delivery of defective product in full or part, Hyper Telematics may take suo moto action and recall such product in full or part to the extent it is defective and modify/repair/replace the same, unless and until parties mutually agree otherwise. If a product/s or a part thereof is recalled for its defect, the customer must return the product within the time mentioned in the product recall notice. In case customer does not return the recalled product within such time for any reason whatsoever, no claim for defective products will be entertained. Charges for the delivery of product back to the Hyper Telematics, on address provided by Hyper Telematics will be borne by Hyper Telematics.